Arts education helps to foster an awareness and appreciation of various cultural traditions. Through The Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Media), students learn to value, feel, respond to and enjoy all artistic experiences. Students also have the opportunity to show artistic expression through different aesthetic learning environments.


The Arts makes a significant contribution to the total development of the child. This further assists students to be aware of the part The Arts play in lifelong education, employment and recreation.


In 2012 we introduced ‘Dance Fever’ to all years across the school. This program was highly successful and has been continued each year. In addition to this, Year 5 and 6 students participate in a concert (even years) and all children participate in our whole school concert (odd years) depending on availablity of a music/dance teacher. The children are highly involved in the process of putting together these performances which are supported by individual lessons within the classroom.


To develop our students' appreciation for The Arts, children are involved in a variety of artistic displays throughout the year such as specialist dance performances and drama performances.