St Monica’s is committed to offering all children as many and varied opportunities as possible to enable them to reach their full potential.

School Choir

Children from Year 3 to 6 can nominate to participate in a school choir.


Choir - Japanese

Children from Year 2 to 6 can nominate to participate in a Japanese choir.


Coaching Clinics

To assist and encourage the development of fundamental game skills, the children are offered a range of specialised training clinics which may include AFL, League,  and soccer. Clinics complement the planned scope and sequence for the year. All clinics are approval by the Principal.  Tennis for Year 5 & 6 - to be introduced in 2015.



Throughout the year students are provided with information and opportunities to enter a range of local and Australia wide competitions including the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition and the St Monica's Writing Competition.


Excursions and Camps

Classes will be involved in excursions during the year to assist the students’ education. Parents will be formally notified of the purpose, destination etc. The cost of the day excursions are covered by the Curriculum Levy. A written parental permission slip must be received by the organising teacher otherwise the child will not be permitted to participate. Each year the students in Year 5 & 6 take part in a three-day outdoor education camp at a location away from Canberra. The purpose of the camp is to promote team building, and develop leadership and interpersonal skills. The cost of the camps is billed separately to the school fees.


Gymnastics and Dance

Each year the children are provided with the opportunity to participate in a specialised dance and gymnastics program.  Every Chance to Dance is an online dance program delivered by our Creative Arts teacher and gymnastics ( K - 4) is provided by qualified staff from a local Canberra gymnastics club. The cost of these specialised lessons in covered by the Curriculum Levy. 



The students in Years 5 & 6 participate in tennis lesson during Term 1 and Term 4 at the local Melba Tennis Courts.


Reading Eggs

In 2015 the children in Kindergarten to Year 4 will have access to a new online literacy program that support and develop literacy skills. This resource provides the student with access to activities to develop skills in pre-reading, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency, grammar and comprehension. Children will have 24-hour access to Reading Eggs and a variety of e-readers by using a unique user name and password.  The cost for student access to the program is covered by the Curriculum Levy


Music Lessons

Tuition is available from professional teachers for a large variety of instruments, including, flute, guitar, clarinet and saxophone. These lessons are conducted during class time and coordinated by Musicorp or private tutors.


Public Speaking

Children in Years 5 and 6 are coached in Public Speaking giving them opportunity to participate in the A.C.T. Rostrum Public Speaking Competition.


Representative Teams

As St Monica’s is an active member of the Belconnen Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA), representative teams are selected in swimming, athletic and cross country to compete in regional carnivals. St Monica’s participates in a number of differing sporting activities, which enable students to play representative sport for their school. Some of these sports include cricket, netball, and various codes of football. Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in carnivals and activities open to them at a representative level. Students in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to form school teams in netball and soccer to compete in the Annual Catholic Carnivals held each year.


School Carnivals

Annual school carnivals are held each year in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. On carnival days the children are encouraged to wear a t-shirt or jumper in their team colour. Specific dates are determined by when the regional PSSA Carnivals are held. Our swimming carnival is for all Years 5/6 students and competitive swimmers from Year 2-4. All other students remain at school for a Water Fun Day.


Swimming Lessons

As swimming in an essential component of the Physical Education program all students in Kindergarten to Year 2 are given the opportunity to participate in a Swim and Safety program during Term 4. The cost of this program is paid directly by the parents.


School Concerts

Every year will host a School Musical Concert. This will be either a Years 3-6 Concert or a Kindergarten-Year 2 (alternative years).