At St Monica's the Library provides assistance to staff in acquiring/accessing resources:

•  A learning environment which encourages enquiring attitudes.

•  Opportunities for shared learning experiences.

•  Resources which provide information and recreation.

•  Provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills in locating resources and information.

•  Access to other resources - including people - outside the school.

•  An environment which nurtures and encourages intellectual and spiritual growth.


At St Monica's the Library:

•  Meets the curriculum resource needs of students with quality resources which are appropriate to the needs of the users.

•  Promotes recreational reading through the teaching programme, an attractive and stimulating environment and the provision of quality resources.

•  Extends the skills of students in Information Literacy using electronic and print resources.


 Decisions and actions for the School Library are based on the belief that:

•  The Library is an essential part of curriculum planning and programming.

•  The Library provides resources for the whole school community.

•  The Library supports the total school curriculum.

•  The teaching of information skills is necessary for independent, lifelong learning.

•  The Library environment is welcoming, supporting and stimulating.

•  The Library is an integral part of the school.