Technology is an integral component of education at St Monica’s. This component of student learning focuses on how to use a range of technology to support their thinking, learning and communication. Technology broadly encompasses digital communication systems, including computers, iPads, associated peripherals devices and software.


An Interactive Whiteboard and several laptops, with internet access, are located in each classroom. Classes also have access to banks of  laptops and iPads located in various trolleys around the school. Currently, Years 5 and 6 are part of the St Monica's BYODD (Bring your own designated device) program.


Technology is integrated within the school curriculum. Children and teachers have access to software programs and computer hardware including digital cameras, printers, scanners and a digital video camera.


The computer and iPad is considered a teaching tool to supplement the classroom program and to develop the children's understanding of how to effectively use technology in their everyday lives. Children are challenged to develop a deep understanding of how to effectively use and create with technology to demonstrate their learning.