In accordance with the requirements of the Education Act, children must be encouraged to attend school daily. Parents are asked to encourage their children to develop the habit of regular attendance. Generally, each day’s work is built upon the previous day’s work and loss of time may upset the teaching/learning situation for the pupil and teacher.  However, a child when ill, or disturbed through family trauma, does not participate well and should be kept at home to receive the care needed for recovery.  If a child is not well enough to attend classes, there is little likelihood that any great worth will result from ‘extra work’ being sent home from school.


For many reasons, teachers are concerned if a child is absent from school and no explanation is received. To protect the school and safeguard the well being of the child, the school should be notified of the child’s absence by telephone or email if the period of absence will be longer than one day. It is a legal requirement that all absences from school be explained via a  written explanation signed by a parent or carer or an email including our Skoolbag absentee notification. A note of explanation must be presented to the class teacher when a child returns to school, immediately following an absence, to ensure the electonic roll data is accurate and up to date.


Teachers are required to raise issues of poor attendance with the Principal. Every effort is made, by the school staff, to ensure regular attendance is maintained.  Families will be provided with support to address the issue should this become a concern.


From the beginning of 2015, Family holidays and travel are no longer considered under the Exemption from School-Procedures. Travel outside of vacation period is now counted as an absence for statistical purposes. Please refer to the attached form if you are planning to for your child to be away for more than 10 days for travel reasons.

Application for Extended Leave 10days to 100 days