Exemptions and Remissions

  1. Families who consider they will not be able to pay their full fees by the due date should advise the principal as soon as possible.
  2. In cases of genuine hardship, fee exemptions and fee remissions may be given after consultation and interview with the Principal who then refers the case to the Council Executive’s Fee Committee who will convene, when required, for the purpose for ratification.
  3. All cases will be handled compassionately and fairly, and dealt with due regard to confidentiality – the Council Executive or sub-committee will not be given details that will identify the family by name.                              
  4. Details of unpaid fees and levies that are the subject of exemption / remission will be made known to the Council Executive and will be subject to the standard fee recovery process.
  5. Any variation to fees by way of exemption or remission will be reviewed at the commencement of each year, upon application. New requests will be considered at the commencement of each term upon application and approval by the Council Executive.
  6. Acceptance into extra-curricula activities outside the mainstream educational programme may be refused if school fee obligations have not been met.