Recovery of Unpaid Fees and Levies

  1. School Accounts will be issued in Week 2 of each Term and are to be settled within 30 days unless payment is made via instalments or other arrangements are made with the Principal within those 30 days.
  2. Reminder notices for overdue accounts will be issued in Week 5 of each Term.
  3. When deemed necessary by the Principal a family will be contacted directly by the Principal regarding payment of the school fees. A copy of the St Monica’s School Fee Policy will be included with a second reminder notice issued in Week 8 of each term.
  4. If there is no response to the second reminder notice within 14 days the following action will be taken:
    • The Principal or delegate will contact the family by phone or send a letter requesting an interview to discuss the matter.
    • If there is no response the Principal is to send a letter stating that ‘the St Monica’s School Council Executive will need to become involved in this matter’.  At this time their identity will need to be disclosed to the members of the St Monica’s Fee Committee who are representatives on the School Council Executive. A copy of the School Fee Policy will be forwarded to the family involved outlining in detail the School’s policy for recovery of unpaid fees.
    • If no response to the Principal’s contact is received, the Council Executive may direct the Principal to engage a debt collection agency.
  5. If a family member attends the interview and/or commences instalment payments as arranged but discontinues payment after a small number of instalments, the Principal