Kindergarten Enrolment

It is recommended that –


In light of the ACT Government’s decision not to provide any per capita funding for students who are below the minimum starting age an enrolment cannot be accepted, unless the enrolment meets the specific criteria determined by the ACT Government. It is important that the CEC Enrolment Policy is strictly adhered to by the Principal.


Current considerations for exceptions to the enrolment age include:

  1. if a child has attended school in another jurisdiction (including an overseas enrolment where the school program is deemed to be of equivalent standing to the ACT Kindergarten program); and
  2. where a child is assessed as being gifted.


The criteria and requirements to establish giftedness (in 2 above) are:


Where an under aged enrolment is being considered, the Principal must consult with the Coordinator, Special Needs Education Services and seek the approval of the Director of the Catholic Education Office.