Medical information is confidential but, as any hearing, sight and motor difficulties including speech difficulties can be the cause of a child experiencing learning difficulties, it is essential that the class teacher know of any existing condition.  It is very important that eyes and hearing are checked regularly as your child is entering an important stage in his/her physical and intellectual development.


If you think there is relevant medical or personal history, e.g. allergies, one parent, etc, which may assist our understanding of your child, please discuss it with us.  Details such as over-activity, bladder problems, aggressive behaviour or any history of trauma are very important in understanding your child’s behaviour.


If at any time personal problems are being experienced at home which may affect your child, please feel free to talk to us about them.  All information of a personal nature is treated in the strictest of confidence.


Emergency Contacts and Change Of Address

The school will always endeavour to contact home or an emergency contact in the event of illness.  It is most important that all our information on your child is up-to-date and accurate.  A form is sent home at the commencement of each year to allow parents to update our records.  If a change occurs during the year, a note to the Office Administrator or a phone call will allow us to ensure our records remain accurate.