Anaphylaxis Awareness

We currently have children enrolled who have a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to various foods, in particular nuts.  


St Monica’s, like many schools today, promotes a nut free environment due to the increasing number of children suffering a range of allergic reactions, some even life threatening, if they come in contact with foods or creams that contain a nut base. Please pay particular attention to the information printed on the wrappers of snack foods such as muesli bars etc because often they contain “traces of nuts”.


To help create a safe environment for all children we ask that parents avoid sending food items that contain nuts, in particular hazelnuts or peanuts. All children are asked to avoid the use of nutella and peanut butter as a luncheon spread at all times


Parents are asked to keep in mind all food items when suppling snacks as nut traces are found in many of the popular muesli bars and snack bars. Nut traces are also found in some forms of lip balm and body butters. While many of the teachers have received anaphylaxis training we hope that such a skill is never required. 


Commencing in 2015 year we have a student in Kindergarten who has a severe allergy to eggs. For the safety of the child and to assist our school management we have asked that the Kinder children, at this stage, do not bring eggs in any form to school for their lunch or snack time. This includes egg sandwiches, hard boiled eggs or egg salads and mayonnaise which has an egg base. Please note that - eggs when used in the cooking of cakes do not present a concern.


We all agree with the primary message of our Social Wellbeing Program that “Kids Matter.” Please remind your child/ren that they should never share food at school. This is in line with our school rule - Be Safe!