Sun Safety

Schools and centres in Canberra that have been awarded a SunSmart status are encouraged to implement their sun protection polices from August to the end of May when UV levels reach 3 and above, strong enough to damage unprotected skin.

Particular care is to be taken between 10am – 2pm (this includes minimising outdoors activities as much as practicably possible between 11am and 3pm during daylight saving time) In June and July sun protection is not generally recommended in Canberra due to LOW UV levels.

‘Most Australians receive the bulk of their vitamin D supply from exposing their skin to small amounts of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.  Due to low levels of ultraviolet radiation in Canberra during the winter months, Cancer Council ACT does not recommend sun protection in June and July.  This is to reduce the risk of vitamin D deficiency in the ACT region.’


As part of the St Monica’s SunSmart Policy all students must wear a hat when playing outdoors except for the months of June and July.  This includes recess, lunch and at any other outdoor school/class activity. During Terms 1 and 4 (the daylight saving period) children are required to a wear their hats before and after school when on the school grounds. The NO HAT NO PLAY! rule is enforced by all teachers. Children who do not have a hat are to sit in the shaded areas near their specific play areas.  Children are not permitted to return to classrooms after classes have been dismissed to collect their hat or other items unless supervised by a teacher.


SPF30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is provided by the school for staff and student use. (A recommendation from Cancer Council ACT 2006)  Students who have an allergy to various ingredients in the sunscreen provided by the school  are encouraged to supply their own.


Parents should apply sunscreen to children prior to coming to school, sporting events and excursions and are encouraged to follow the school hat policy.