Pastoral Care

St Monica’s Primary School bases all its decisions and actions on the Gospel values and from the charism of St Monica.  The school motto “Respect” is a key factor in all aspects of school life and permeates our relationships with each other. St Monica’s is a happy place: a warm and safe environment where shared beliefs, consistent expectations provide a framework for support to encourage each individual to grow and learn.


At St Monica’s Primary School we believe that:


Students, staff and parents in our school:


All Students have a right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach.

All staff share responsibility for all students and in our interactions we are mindful of the value of each person.

Parents are the primary caregivers and the staff work to support them in the care of their children.  Students are best supported when home and school work together.  Parents are encouraged to make appointments to see teachers to discuss important issues.

Encouragement and affirmation support positive behaviour choices.

Clear and consistent expectations and consequences encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

We believe that the behaviour is unacceptable when it:

When dealing with inappropriate behaviour we use logical consequences (where possible) rather than punishment.  Corporal punishment is never acceptable.


Rules at School

The following list represents the three rules established by the teachers and children for our school.


As we grow together we will be …





 Parents are asked to support the Principal and staff in developing these rules.

Restorative Practices

At st Monica's Primary School we have adopted the Restorative Practices Framework to complement the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program. This process allows teachers and students to focus on the harm caused by actions rather than on individuals. This process offers the opportunity for the person harmed to tell their story and have questions answered and the offenders to take responsibility for their actions and offer to make things right.

Restorative Questions


Teachers guide students towards an agreed solution.