Supervision by teachers is provided daily from 8.25am until 3.30pm.  For legal and safety reasons, children should not be on the school premises before 8.25am and must depart the school grounds as soon as they are released from school or their bus arrives.


Dropping children off before 8.25am leaves your children in a potentially very dangerous situation, where they are not being supervised. This is done entirely at your own risk. Staff may be on site early for work purposes, or there may be no staff on site. Supervision of students is a carefully managed arrangement between the school and the staff. It is not fair to expect staff to supervise students when they are not rostered to do so.


Your child’s best interests are paramount to us. As a consequence, if we become aware of families regularly leaving their children at the school, before supervision begins, they will be required to attend an interview with the Principal to discuss the matter. Should the school consider the matter irresponsible, we may be left with no alternative but to refer the matter to Care and Protection Services. Always ensure that you have arrangements in place for your children to be dropped off at the appropriate time, and not before.


Our SMOOSH Care program is available to those families who require before or after school care, subject to availability.


On arriving at school the children are required to sit quietly in the courtyard until the supervision teacher arrives to announce they are permitted to commence playing. Once a child arrives at school they are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours without written permission from parents or carer.


Late Arrival

Children who arrive late must be signed in by a parent/carer in the Student Register Book located on the Front Office counter.


Early Departure

Parents wishing to collect their child early from school must first report to the School Office to sign their child out, in the Student Register Book, before collecting their child from the class teacher.