Welcome to St Monica’s Primary School - Evatt

We are a welcoming Catholic learning community from K-6 with a high level of pastoral care where all students are empowered to reach their full potential. Our theme for 2020 is ‘Growing Together'. New families are welcome with school tour conducted by our Year 6 students followed by and a conversation with the Principal. Contact the school office to make an appointment and find out how we can cater for your child and family.

As a learning community, the staff at St Monica's provides an enriched, holistic, integrated curriculum in which the gospel values are central to all learning experiences, thus integrating faith and life, in cooperation with our Parish. St Monica's curriculum caters for different learning styles and endeavours to develop problem-solving and thinking skills within a climate of discovery. Students have opportunities to develop an understanding of each subject area through a conceptual inquiry approach to learning. St Monica’s strives to enable all students to achieve a high standard of learning and individual achievement by differentiating the Australian Curriculum to meet the various learning needs of students.

The education opportunities offered equips students with the skills they need to become active, responsible and engaged citizens. The inquiry process provides students with the skills to make scientific and technological connections to their world and act responsibly within a global community. Overarching our curriculum at St Monica's is the Australian Curriculum.

St Monica’s has a strong focus on Restorative Practices and the mental health and well‐being of all students. The school embraces STEM education as a way to connect learning across the curriculum, in particular Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, promote student voice in leading their own inquiry path and develop practical and sustainable approaches to coding and robotics. St Monica’s provide enrichment opportunities including, Rostrum, Choir, Japanese, online learning, individual music tuition and involvement in a wide range of sporting activities. St Monica's is committed to providing innovative, state of the art learning facilities where parental involvement is encouraged and valued.