Religious Education

".. religious education should.. engage the whole 'being' of people, their heads, hearts and lifestyles, and it is to inform, form and transform their identity and agency in the world"

(Thomas Groome, Sharing Faith 1991, p2, TNO p17)

Through our acceptance and support of each other, we recognise the importance and dignity of each individual in their journey of faith.

As a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish - North Belconnen, St Monica's Primary School, upholds the values of our patron saint, St Monica and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Our commitment to gospel values, family and our faith community is demonstrated through our active participation in Scripture, prayer, reflection and liturgy.

Based on our mission, vision and focus on values and in partnership with our Parish, parents, students and staff, we form a faith community, committed to the integration of faith and life. The Treasures New and Old syllabus document is the basis on which we scaffold all learning experiences from Kindergarten to Year Six. This is used to help develop growth in all aspects of our community.

Every class sets aside a period of time during the day to focus on faith development. Class Masses and Liturgies are conducted throughout the year and parents, grandparents and friends are most welcome to attend.

Sacramental programs

At St Monica's the Sacramental preparation is a three-fold process in partnership with St Michael’s Primary School, Kaleen.


Parents are the first and most important models of lived faith for their children. It is also the responsibility of parents to take an active role in the preparation of their children for the Sacraments as part of their Christian commitment. This preparation is assisted through participation in and attendance at Sacramental meetings for the sacrament their child is receiving. Parents retain the ultimate decision about when they wish their child to receive each Sacrament.


The Parish Community of St Monica's Evatt and St Michael’s Kaleen, through prayer and witness also supports and shares the responsibility of the parents for the preparation of their children for the Sacraments. The Parish, through the School of Religion, assists the preparation of the parish children who do not attend St Monica's or St Michael’s schools.


St Monica's School works in partnership with parents and the parish to prepare the children to receive the sacraments.

Parish Sacramental Program



First Reconciliation

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